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The Yorkshire Hussars (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own)(Officer)

A Officers die-cast two piece bi-metal badge with two loops to reverse, coronet in gilt metal remainder in silver-plate.

KK1409: Post 1918
Condition: VGC

Code: 55950Price: 54.00 GBP

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Royal Dragoons

A scarce gold and silver embroidered Bullion badge of an gold right facing eagle with silver laurel-wreath and numerals 105.

Circa 1915-1919
Condition: Good to VGC

Code: 55916Price:

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Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry (Officer)

A fine die-cast three piece silvered and gilt example with two loops to reverse. The Royal cypher, crown and scrolls in silver-plate remainder in gilt.

Condition: VGC

Code: 55902Price:

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Norfolk Volunteer Regiment (Officer)

A scarce Officer's WW1 Volunteer Force badge die-cast in bronze with two lugs to reverse.

KK1669: Circa 1914-1919
Condition: VGC

Code: 55894Price:

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The Light Dragoons (Officer)

A Officers pattern two piece badge with two lugs to reverse and makers name FIRMIN, in gold and silver plate with blue vitreous enamel.

KK2723(1) Post 1993
Condition: Plating worn ...

Code: 55892Price:

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The Royal Dragoons (1st Dragoons)(Officer)

A scarce example of an Officers die-cast bronze badge with 2 bronze-blades to reverse.

KK1893: Circa 1949-1959
Condition: VGC

Code: 55888Price:

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Middlesex Regiment (Officer)

A die-cast unmarked frosted silver example with two silvered lugs to reverse.

As KK672
Condition: GC

Code: 55865Price: 56.00 GBP

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The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Alberts) (Solid Silver)

A scarce Officers solid silver badge with two silver lugs to reverse and a hallmark to reverse of scroll and also a markers mark LIM.

KK607: HallMarked Birmingham 1985
Condition: Good to VGC

Code: 55859Price: 150.00 GBP

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The Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment)(Officer)

A scarce Officers Silver/Gilt Cast cap badge with two long lugs to reverse.
The scroll in Gilt remainder in Silver plate, a heavy example.

As (KK642) Circa 1897-1970
Condition: Good to VGC

Code: 55855Price: 80.00 GBP

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Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)

A scarce officers silver/plated cast example with two silver loops to reverse. The word STERLING on the reverse at the bottom centre.

(KK2019) Circa 1929-1956
Condition: GC

Code: 55851Price: 48.00 GBP

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