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The Devonshire Regiment

A Officers die-stamped gilt and silver-plated cloth helmet plate with the castle of Exeter in centre, this is a later version with the spelling REGT on the universal scroll.

KK225: Pre 1901
Condition: GC

Code: 53412Price: 290.00 GBP

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The Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment)

A Officers Victorian helmet plate for wear on the cloth helmet. This is a later version so has the spelling of 'REGIMENT' in full' with 3 loops to reverse.

KK267: Circa1881-1914

Code: 53395Price: 250.00 GBP

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20th Middlesex (Artist) Rifle Volunteers

A scarce other ranks die-stamped Bronzed helmet plate with the heads of Mars and Minerva in centre three loops to reverse.

Circa 1880-1908
Condition: VGC

Code: 53359Price: 190.00 GBP

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Royal Irish Rifles

A very good scarce die-stamped blackened brass example of an other ranks helmet plate with three loops to reverse.
The Regiment stopped wearing the helmet in 1890 and started to wear the rifle pattern busby.

As KK280: Circa 1881-1890
Condition: VGC

Code: 53353Price:

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